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Free Word Processor Plugin to Author, Validate & Publish RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standardised distribution method by which interested parties may be notified of updates on their favourite media outlets such as blogs, websites and newscasts.

Intended as a low overhead solution for small scale enterprises, the Free RSS Plugin fully integrates into the Sense Word Processor to provide a seemless progression from feed creation and editing through to website publication and validation

With form based configurations and detail entry, feeds may be efficiently created and updated in plain-text rather than in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) knowledge.

An intermediate Generate Feed stage converts the entered detail to RSS formatted XML in preparation for validation and website publication using Sense's integrated FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client,


In order to optimise the Validation / Publication process, Pre- (test website) and Post (primary website) publication configurations may be configured via a Validation - Publication Scheme.

Sense's Lower Edit Environment provides direct access to the raw RSS documentation to offer a generic solution for RSS Feed Customization and Namespace Extension to avoid the choice of buying a dedicated application or hand modifying the Feed XML directly.

Beyond an Integral Feed Reader with switchable option to view the created feed in either HTML or XML, Sense's capability may be further extended by installing the also free OPML Plugin with its integrated OPML and RSS readers.


  • Control Panel to establish feed settings.
  • Form based plain-text authoring to create and manage channel item updates.
  • Main news item description optionally styled as HTML.
  • Direct publishing to website using FTP with separate test and primary site login configurations.
  • Range of Validation Schemes to suite requirements including an online provider configuration.
  • Automated date stamping with RFC822 Date helper control.
  • Integral Feed Reader to view created feed as both HTML and XML.
  • Site Management for general website maintenance using FTP.
  • RSS Versions 0.91 and 2.0 (with and without Atom namespace), Apple itunes-podCast, blogChannel feed templates provided.
  • Sample Feeds Provided.
  • Uncomplicated content management of the underlying Sense "feed repository" Document.
  • Custom feed templates easily produced.
  • Custom namespace extension supported.
  • Comprehensive help pages include namespace extension examples.