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Free Plugin to Speed In-Text Citation & Reference of Web Based Research

A huge reservior of information resides on the internet in the form of html formatted detail that may be used for a wide variety of purposes including research.

The Free HTML Plugin is specifically designed to simplify and speed the import of web based research material into the Sense Outliner / Word Processor following selection via its Enhanced Open Document dialog.

At the time of conversion, the newly created document is automatically attributed Primary Reference Details that may be manually updated as necessary to conform to the authoring task's appointed Citation Style / Reference System.

Importantly, any Sense document content may be subsequently categorised into the Viewpoints Reference Repository of an authoring task's master document either:


  • as an entire subdocument or
  • by selectively Tagging / Annotating key information within the subdocument and running a Categorised Note Search.

In both cases, Primary Reference Details are retained once included into Viewpoints so that research material:


  • may be repeatedly referenced without resort to (or reliance on) website access or paper copy and
  • be used for bibliographic listing and in-text citation.

The plugin is one of a number of Free Plugins available for Sense.

Html Import-Conversion Sequence

The import, conversion of Html through to its final save as a Sense Document format file follows a pre-defined sequence typically requiring little user interaction:

  • File types htm, html, shtml and php are supported by Sense's Enhanced File Open Dialog with source as:
    • an Internet browsed webpage or
    • a local system (intranet) file.
  • Text-only Conversion applies a best fit optimisation of heading levels with underlying content structurally grouped into Sense's document tree hierarchy.
  • Conversion includes headings, paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists and tables and be uniquely identifiable within Sense's Full Content and Outline views for:
    • hyperlinked cross-reference from Sense documentation.
    • automated inclusion into Sense's Viewpoints Reference Manager following Tagging / Annotative markup.
  • Hyperlinks are retained on conversion.
  • Special Html character handling to resolve potential invalid character conversion.
  • Primary Reference Details are automatically assigned to the document's properties with initial filename composed from the source html title and its file type extension.
  • The document may then be saved as a Sense Document format file.

Intermediate user interaction might typically involve the trimming of unwanted detail and Tagging / Annotation in preparation of the selective inclusion of subject matter into Viewpoints by category based Note Search.