Publications Written Using the Sense Outliner / Word Processor


Silva Elm publications are simply the result of more representative authoring beyond the narrowly focussed development-test environment to demonstrate Sense's extensive Outliner and Word Processing features with resulting documents made publically available via free download.


Sense documents are saved in Silva Elm's Document (sed) format. Sense documents may be opened into third-party editors such as Microsoft's Word by first exporting into the Rich Text Format (rtf) using the freely available Sense RTF Plugin extension.


The pre-requisite of any documents released in this manner are that they are topical at the time of initial issue to provide wider interest rather than simply focusing on specific Sense capabilities.


The first publication is titled Carbon Taxation Mechanism:


Carbon Taxation Mechanism


The inspiration behind the writing of this document arose from the updating of this website's About Webpage and decision to include historic details of a, never to be released, GHG Accounting software application. This also coincided with a re-reading of the Climate Crisis issue of the Ecologist Apr/May 1999. With the editorial written by Edward and Zac Goldsmith, this particular Ecologist publication made unimaginably grim reading then and even grimmer in 2020 in context of the delayed Council Of Parties (COP26) summit due to the coronvirus pandemic and accelerating climate change. More details on how this document evolved into a proposal to extend the hitherto failing Paris Agreement and its associated download are provided within the dedicated Carbon Taxation Mechanism webpage.