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Free Rich Text Format Plugin for Outliner / Word Processor

The Rich Text Format (RTF) is a widely used cross-platform file format supported by many editors including Microsoft's Word and Open Office.

The Free RTF Plugin enables the transfer of documents between the Sense Word Processor and third-party editors.

Sense may also be used to rapidly Outline Documents via its closely integrated tree and full detail views with easily established headed section styles before document conversion to RTF.

For more complete documents, seemless conversion to RTF further includes style transfer for paragraphs and bulleted / numbered lists.

Conversion from RTF into Sense allows third-party documentation to be edited and styled straightforwardly within Sense's adaptable Edit Environment.

Quite separately from RTF, an OpenXML Bibliography (Reference List) File is automatically generated for use by third party word processors for Bibliographic and Endnote listing.

File Conversion Features

Full file menu support for RTF document conversion with:

  • Files opened, edited and saved within the context of their RTF file type.
  • "Best fit" style transfer from RTF to Sense Document styles.
  • Style naming preference adopting either Microsoft Word or Sense descriptions on conversion to RTF.
  • Hyperlink and Bookmark transfer.
  • Windows Codepage and Unicode file encodings supported.