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Free Plain-Text Plugin Extends Outliner Support for Word Processor

Plain Text files are simple sequential files of human readable content such as may be produced using third-party editors such as Microsoft's Notepad.

The Free Text Plugin enables transfer of plain-text documents to and from the Sense Outliner / Word Processor with optional tab and space indention to specifically support Outliner working:

  • Plain-Text file conversion to Sense Document format on File Open.
  • Conversion to Plain-Text from Sense Document Format on File Save and Save-As.
  • Flat and Outline (Tab / Space indent) Conversion options are provided for both File Open and Save whereby:
    • Outline Conversion from tab / space Indented plain-text files may be used to initiate a Section Heading based document tree hierarchy within Sense.
    • Section-Headings within Sense may be converted to a tab or space indented lines within a text file.
    • Flat Conversion relates to a simpler conversion between Text File lines and Sense Document Paragraphs.
  • Windows Codepage (ANSI) and Unicode file encodings supported.

The Plain Text Plugin is one of a number of freely downloadable Plugins with specific information already integrated into Sense's main Help.