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Markdown Plugin for Tightly Integrated Outliner / Word Processor

Markdown is a plain text markup language with straightforward readable syntax that may be converted into more complex file types. Typically, markdown may be used to create XML and HTML.

However straightforward the markdown syntax is, it still requires a working knowledge to avoid editing error: the Sense Word Processor with its tightly integrated Outliner editing bridges this need by enabling Sense document conversion directly into Markdown formatted files.

With using little more than Sense's Outliner features, headings, paragraphs, bulleted and numbered lists and links may be quickly exported as a markdown file or saved as an interim Sense document.

Existing markdown files may also be opened into Sense for continued editing and then re-saved seemlessly as a fully supported markdown (md) file type.

The Free Markdown Plugin installation establishes the markdown (md) file type option into Sense's File handling.

Markdown Syntax Support

Syntax support provided by the Markdown file conversion Plugin includes:

  • ATX and Setext Header Styles
  • Emphasis
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Inline and Reference Style Links and Images
  • Literal (Markdown Syntax Character) Entry

The following link provides more detail regarding Markdown's origin and syntax.