Multipage Outlining added to Sense Outliner / Word Processor

11-Oct-2021 (Latest Revision: 14-Dec-2021)

Sense is a Word Processor with fully integrated Outliner capabilities.

Paginated document views have been introduced into its collapsible tree hierarchies of both full detail and outline with

  • Direct editing of documentation within a Paged Environment,
  • Fast Page by Page navigation even within large documents via a new Page Outline and
  • Easy insertion and removal of page breaks

to further extend its core One and Two Pane Outliner - Rich Text Editing features.

Paginated Views within Sense

Paginated Views within Sense

The new Pagination support coupled with already established

  • Subdocument Support and
  • Viewpoints integrating Reference Management for In-text Citation and Bibliographic listing

to further enhance Sense's Writing Workflow Support for tasks such as authoring an essay, thesis or journal article.

Much of Sense's workflow support has been used to write the Carbon Taxation Mechanism document now available for free download via Publications: in particular, advanced Hyperlink (document snippet Popup) Preview and Annotation / Text Tagging Navigation features are specifically designed to speed assimilation of complex cross-related issues, such as those surrounding climate change and its mitigation.

The latest Sense Downloads are available for 30 days free trial along with a range of totally free Sense Plugins.

Great News About Licensing

The licensing scheme has been radically modified for this Sense Release.

Following 30 days Free Evaluation:

  • License Purchase is now per Individual User and not per machine.
  • There is no License expiry.
  • There is no explicit Product Registration.

And if you already have a Sense License and haven't yet updated to Sense 1.22, do so now as you may use your existing License Key across all of your personal machines!