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Free Plugin to Export Sense Paginated Documents to PDF

Release date to be announced soon

The Free PDF Plugin provides quick and easy Sense Outliner / Word Processor document export to the Platform Independent Adobe PDF file type.

Sense document layout and style is closely preserved while excporting to PDF document including:

  • Pagination and Outline maintaining the navigational features provided within the Sense Document.
  • Hyperlinking including internal and external destination document links.

Export configurations are pre-set to a default to provide a close match to the source document line by line layout.

Settings are displayed by a pre-export configuration form allowing user modification to:

  • Trim line justification by modifying maximum word and character spacings.
  • Modify end-of-line word split criteria with optional hyphenation.

The PDF Plugin is one of a number of freely downloadable Plugins with specific information already integrated into Sense's main Help.