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View of itunes-podCast "feed" document within Sense Editor created from template.

podCast "feed" Document

Sense To RSS tool with view of feed output rendered as a webpage.

Sense To RSS Feed Tool

How to Create and Extend RSS Feeds in Plain Text

Issue 5 (Jul 2012)

To create, customize and namespace extend RSS XML Feeds, then you might like to try:

Sense provides a freestyle plain text Edit Environment devoid of any markup (HTML and XML) concerns.

The Rss | Generate menu option transforms the feed document to RSS XML.

Full capability for Publishing and Validating your feed online is provided via the Sense's built-in website maintenance support.

Try for yourself by downloading and installing:

Create your first RSS Feed:

Templates are provided with Sense To RSS for :

  • RSS Version 0.91.
  • RSS Version 2.0.
  • blogChannel.
  • Apple itunes-podCast.

Extend your RSS Feed :