Outliner / Word Processor Migration between 32 & 64 bit MS Windows OS's

The Sense Outliner / Word Processor and its associated Extender Plugins run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.


Downloads are available for both 32 bit (x32) and 64 bit (x64) systems with installation choice subject to some simple rules:


  • x32 installations may be run on 32 bit and 64 bit Microsoft Operation Systems.
  • x64 installations may only be run on 64 bit Microsoft Operating Systems.


IMPORTANT: If you are not sure which installation type to choose, then read Why 64 bit Sense?.

Irrespective of installation choice, when migrating:


  • Uninstall Sense and all Plugins in advance.
  • Sense must be installed in advance of Plugins.
  • Plugin installations must be of the same x32 or x64 type as Sense.


Sense Licenses are valid for both x32 and x64 operating systems allowing seemless migration.

Plugin Version compatibility tables are provided within the Release Overviews page of Sense's Help.