Sense Markdown Plugin

The Sense Markdown Plugin provides Import and Export file conversion between plain text Markdown and Sense documents.

The supported syntax is necessarily a subset of the Markdown syntax created by John Gruber that is compatible with the Sense Document format and includes:

On Import, headings and lists are converted into the Sense tree hierarchy according to level.


Both ATX and Setext styles of header syntax are supported for Import.

The ATX Style is used when exporting headers (Sense Sections).

ATX Style Headers

# through to ####### for heading levels 1 to 6 respectively.

# Header Level 1 #

## Header Level 2 ##

The closing #'s are optional

Setext Style Headers

The Setext style only supports header levels 1 and 2.

Header 1



Header 2



*This text will be italic*

_This text will also be italic_

**This text will be bold**

__This text will also be bold__

*__This text is both bold and italic__*


Both Ordered and Unordered List types are supported

Nested lists may be created by indenting subitems by two spaces.

Unordered Lists

Use either * or - for unordered list items.

Ordered Lists

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
    1. Indent by 2 spaces to create subitem 1 of 2
  3. Item 3


Images are converted to Image links within Sense documentation on Import where the Alt Text becomes the image's tooltip.

The path must be the full path whether to an online image address (url) or local drive path.

When the path is to a local image, the image is shown within the Sense text whereas a substitute (default) image is shown for an online image - the online image may be opened by clicking on the inline image

Two types of image syntaxes are supported when importing into Sense: Inline and Reference.

Images are converted to the Inline Syntax style on Sense export.

The Inline Image syntax is:

![Alt Text](path)

eg ![Silva Elm Logo](images/logo.gif)

The Reference Image syntax is:

![Alt Text][id]

where "id" is defined separately as:

[id]: full path


As with Images, both Inline and Reference styles of syntax are supported for Import as a hyperlink within Sense documentation.

An Optional Title within either syntax is used as the hyperlink tooltip.

Exported links use the Inline style.

Inline Links are defined as:

[Text][url "Optional Title"]

Reference Links are defined as:


where id may be defined on a separate line as:

[id]: url "Optional Title"


Characters used as part of the markdown syntax may be used literally by escaping with a backslash such as \!

Characters that may be escaped include: `*_{}()[]#+-.!

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